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About me - well let's see I have been a crafty gal for a few decades. My crafty brain tends to run the gamet of interests. From paper to knitting to weaving and then off to beading and book making back to paper and stamps and die cuts. I adore coloring, so says all of the Copic markers and Karin paint markers, from fine line to broad brush strokes the stock of markers continues to grow. Then when I put all of that to rest out comes my quilting and other assorted sewing projects. I love to cook especially for others. Make a lot and share the weath of what is made from the heart of the kitchen. As to exercise I love to run and I am in the process of purchasing a recumbant trike bike. As a bilateral below the knee amputee this type of bike is the safest option. A brief summary of "about me". I do look forward to getting to know other members.