Valentine's Mini Album Swap

Another fun swap!!

Here are the requirements:

- Size: Mini Album must be 8" x 8" x 3" with 4 Signature pages. You can use my 8x8 Mini Album tutorial for the base of the book. Feel free to create your own page designs.

- 1 Interactive page of your choice (pop-up, spin, pull-outs, etc.) My Neverland Mini Album has different interactive features as a reference. Full tutorial for that book is listed on the description box of that video.

- Use 3-d embellishments (flowers, collage, handmade, etc.)

- Mail your book to me by February 15th, 2021 to:

PO Box 836

San Lorenzo, CA 94580

Additional notes:

- Another reason I love to do these swaps is to support your social media and get you some exposure. Either if you are trying to grow your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy or personal business, please include a note or business card to me in your package so it is easier for me to share in the description box of the video. Emails sometimes get lost and is hard for me to find the links.

- Return shipping is required to secure your spot in the swap.

- For US participants, books will be mailed on a medium flat rate box ($15.05)

- For international participants, shipping can be calculated based on weight (about 5-6 lbs.) Please check with me for the cost before joining the swap. Send me an email with your address to calculate the shipping cost. Depending on your country, additional customs cost might also be required, please check with your local regulations.

- To participate, please send me an email to

Find my favorite craft supplies here

So excited to see your beautiful books!

Happy crafting!!

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