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Updated: May 23, 2018

Welcome to my new site! I know this will be a great way to stay connected. As you know, I love using creativity to treasure special moments in life. Just think about how much more special it will be for your kids to relive the magic of a vacation or a birthday by looking at their precious photos on an album designed just for that! And better yet if it was made by someone so special like yourself!

Thru my YouTube channel and now this site, I would love to spread the passion for memory keeping via scrapbooking. Making it into a hobby anyone can enjoy! I try to make my tutorial easy to understand so you don't have to feel intimidated by it. No point to stress, just have fun! I enjoy crafting with my three little girls, and even though the mess might be bigger, the reward to see their little faces when their project is done is truly wonderful. I treasure these moment because I know one day they will be all grown up. My goal with this site is to have everything in one place. This site will be where me and you can communicate and stay connected. You can ask me questions, request special tutorials, anything! I am also adding a store section for my handmade products and special custom requests. Everything here! I intent to write about a little bit on how I get inspired to start a new project and tips and trick to make scrapbooking easier.

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