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Making a Fun Interactive Mini Album!

Easy, fun, interactive... a mini album everyone will love! and YES! you can make it yourself!

Alice in Wonderland Interactive shaker cover

This album really pushed my creativity and I love it... Alice in Wonderland was my favorite movie as a kid and is no different now. So, this paper collection really inspired me to make a super dynamic book full of surprises just as the movie.

"Sometimes I've believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast" This was exactly what was going in my head while making the album. I wanted to incorporate fun elements that I haven't tried before and figuring out how to actually put it together was in my head at all times. I would wake up with a new idea and just count the minutes on the day to actually sit in my craft room and do it. At the same, I tried to keep it simple and easy to understand for the tutorial... I hope you love the album as much as I do!

A full video of the album can be found here!

Wonderland appropiate...

The Gatefold Page:

Is like the gate opening to a great adventure... Page one to me is the most important, after all is the first one anyone will see. Making it fun invites everyone to look at what's ahead...

The Endless Booklet:

To anyone's eyes...a place for a picture. To us crafters... a perfect opportunity to blow anyone's mind away. This booklet goes on and on, it opens 7 different ways!

The Rotating Book:

If your don't want to keep twisting your neck to look at your precious pictures, try making a rotating book! You can add landscape and portrait oriented pictures, making it a fun interactive feature at the same time.

The Pull Down Waterfall:

This is an oldie but goodie... I love adding interactive waterfalls to my albums. You can never go wrong with a dynamic waterfall, they're so easy to make!

The Pop-Up Card:

Pop-ups are so popular now!

This is an awesome way to make your

album stand out. So unexpected!

The Double Page Interaction:

This layout was so fun. The first part opens to all the sides like a surprise box, and when you think you're ready for the next opens again to reveal and expanding envelope pocket

The Wheel Page:

This page is my favorite of the bunch! I incorporated a spinning wheel where you can display different pictures/images. In this case, I am using images of my daughter from newborn to her 9th birthday. Is really fun to see how she has change throughout the years in one layout! Also this page features an accordion booklet.

The Sliding Envelope:

I knew I wanted an envelope page to keepsake cards and notes from my daughter's why not make this one rotate as well! The envelope slides up to reveal a secret picture behind it...

The Sliding Easel Card:

I wanted to finished the album with and outstanding layout...people say "save the best for last"... well in my case, I kind of felt like I was running out of ideas and nothing was really good enough to compete with the previous pages.

And then... the idea was born. I used the sliding waterfall concept, combined with the pop-up card, added a little bit of gatefold elements....and there you have it. It's like baking a cake, mixing and matching ideas to make something unique. I will definitely use this again!

Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading...let me know what you think!

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Rosa I’m looking at Hello Baby by Preminer Frank


Judy Carr
Judy Carr
Nov 09, 2019

Recently didiscovered you mini albums and tutorials! You are Amazing!


Rosa I just love your channel ! Being a newbie at scrapbooking you have opened a new world for me...thank you !!


Love your books Rosa! Do you have a list of supplies or cut sizes for covers and main pages?


Rosa, I've been watching your videos and making your albums for about a year now. You are tremendously creative, a wonderful teacher and very generous to share your talents with all of us. All of your albums scream "Rosa Kelly" and Alice in Wonderland did not disappoint. Thank you and I look forward to your upcoming projects.

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