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Giveaway Celebration!

Because you guys mean so much to me...I decided to have this little giveaway as a thank you for your love and support.

Why do I craft...? I strongly believe that we humans have the necessity to create. Just like when we run, we need water...when we are tired, we need to sleep. Creating for me fulfills a necessity. The need to awaken my let my mind explore and be free. To imagine something and put it to action... and when you see the result (whichever that might be, sometimes something completely different than what we plan) there's no better feeling!

Crafting takes my mind away from the difficult and tenuous day by day. I need to craft everyday, just as much as I need to brush my teeth before bed.

Today I want to thank you, for sharing with me this passion...for inspiring me, for allowing me to spend a few minutes with you on your busy days, for all the love you have shown me.

Thank you!


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