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Flirty and Fun!

The new Flirty Fleur Collection by Prima is nothing short of amazing!

I decided to think outside the box and let the collection speak to me.

First, I must say that the collection is so beautiful, I had a hard time choosing which side of the paper to use. There's not one single page I don't like. So I decided to avoid the card stock and display both sides of the paper as much as possible. You will see in the tutorial how that actually made the process of creating the album much faster. I was inspired to do more of a deconstructed mini album with irregular shapes, more free style in a way.

Since I recently re-discovered my love for sewing, I wanted to add some stitching to some of the pages as well. Not a lot of embellishing, this collection speaks for itself.

I hope you love it as much as I do...

Big hugs,

~Rosa Kelly

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